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Bucharest, Romania
Despre DOMO Despre DOMO Despre DOMO
Despre DOMO Despre DOMO Despre DOMO

DOMO, the home of Home Appliances

DOMO's vision is to be present each and every home in Romania with any kind of electrical, electronical or IT&C products comercialized, with the aim to help and inspire people in their daily domestic life.

DOMO is the most dynamic retailer of household appliances and IT&C from Romania, a market leader, with a large portfolio of national and international brands.

DOMO's Recent History
1994 The Company was established as importer and distributor of some well known international brands (Zanussi, Bosh, Electrolux, and Siemens);
1996 The first step in the retail business: the opening of the first store;
1997 DOMO brand was born;
2001 The retail becomes the heart of business – the retail sales outrun the distribution’s sales;
2004 RAEF - an American private equity found, becomes significant shareholder in DOMO.
The company turnover exceeded EUR 100 million, and the chain reached 100 stores.
DOMO also becomes an important shareholder in RAEF’s consumer finance
service Estima Finance and outsourced to it, its consumer credit activity.
2005 The company starts a rebranding process that has as objective the revitalization of external image and a new approach with the internal cultural organization and the business system which represents the course of the company towards corporate.
A new retail concept is launched, which proposes stores with large space exposure up to 3000 square meters.
A strategic partnership with the German retailer Kaufland is transacted, with the prospect of reaching in the next 3 years 50 stores in Romania and 20 in Bulgaria, within Kaufland network, all located in topflight and places, in high potential neighborhoods.
2006 The company externalizes the logistic services to the Dutch operator KLG Europe.
DOMO sells its participation in Estima Finance to GE Money, generating supplementary resources for future development.
The development continues outside the borders, with the opening of the first 7 stores in Bulgaria. DOMO becomes the first Romanian specialized retailer in electrical and electronical with regional expanding.
2007 Lynx Property becomes majority shareholder purchasing 75% of the company stock holdings. Domo finalize the rebranding process of the stores and maintains the ascending trend of the business showers.
2008 Domo opens it’s own storehouse located in Targu Secuiesc and take all the logistic activities for the limitrophic areas. The company has sold 4.392.000 products to 2.413.000 clients.
In the same year in Domo shops has been sold over 358.00 household appliances and 166.000 TV sets.
Also the e-shop platform isi highly appreciated and Domo’s site has registered a traffic of 112.000 of weekly visitors, reaching the highest traffic in industry while the sales trend is increasing. In the same year Domo’s logo get alive trough the transformation of the spheres in 2 active figures, a dog and a cat who became the representants of the brand.
2009 In spite of the economically difficulty , Domo has maintained his position by continuing the expansion of both networks Domo and Technomarket. There were 9 store openings, thus reaching a total network of 133 stores (126 Domo stores, 7 Technomarket stores).
2010 March 4th , Domo opens the flagship of the chain stores in Baneasa Shopping City!
The strategic location, the large space of 2500 mp, sharing the store by 2 levels, allowed Domo to have a new approach for retail concept.

DOMO's Product Portfolio

DOMO’s portfolio includes over 8000 products belonging to the most important international brands.

More than that, Domo develops its own brands like Expert Digital, Westwood and Technolux, offering to its consumers affordable ranges and products, which satisfies in the same time the quality demandings.

Portofoliul DOMO

DOMO Network today

The current Romanian Domo retail network includes 90 stores with a total area of more than 81.000 square meters, in 76 grand cities of the country and has over 1000 employes.The 10th Bucharest shop will be opened in Vulcan Value Centre on 4th of September 2014. The logistic service is insured by KLG from 3 main regional warehouses in Bucharest, Cluj, Targu Secuiesc and other 5 warehouses of transit.

According to new retail concept introduced in the network and to the market trends, Domo’s network increased its efficiency - the number of small shops progressively decreased while the number of large shops increased.


DOMO in Romania

DOMO's Strategy

On short and medium term, the company’s objectives are to secure and consolidate the second position hold it on the Romanian retail market. On long term, DOMO intents to challenge the 1st position and to become the market leader, in terms of market share, prestige and profitability.

DOMO continues its new retail concept implementation and adapts it to the sale surface and regional realities in order to deeply fulfill the final consumers’ needs. Therefore, there are two Domo line extensions and Technomarket:

Concept Shop Go@DOMO

• covers medium spaces approximately 500 square meters;
• positioned in homes proximity;
• accomplishes the basic needs;
• assures all home appliances necessary for equipping a home;

Concept DOMO Discover@DOMO

• covers large spaces, between 1500 - 3000 square meters;
• offers a unique shopping experience on Romanian retail market;
• assures exposure to premium high tech products: IT&C, electronics and home appliances.

Concept DOMO Discover@DOMO

• Hi - Tech Lo - price
• covers very large spaces, more than 3000 square meters, in retail boxes;
• a maximum very divers range of products with the best prices benefit;

DOMO company works to reach its vision: every household in Romania to have a home appliance from DOMO. We are constantly finding solutions to improve our relationship with clients, by offering constantly new products and brands, convenience and quality services, technology and accessibility elements witch differences us on the Romanian retail market. In DOMO, the clients are the center of our actions and the efforts are concentrated to offer them a memorable buying
experience and all the home appliances.

DOMO values

Approaching things with commitment, openness, trust, respecting the promises without disappointing others;

Talking about honesty, integrity, ethics, morality;

Driven by success, power, courage, optimism, energy;

It is about staying straight, keeping yourself involved, passionate;

Set high expectation, perform above them, having success, being result oriented, set SMART objectives and implement measurement processes.

DISCLAIMER: The information con tained in this document relating to Domo Retail has been provided with no warranty or representation made by any such person as to the accuracy or completeness of this information, which is limited and illustrative in nature and insufficient to form the ba sis of a ny contract. This information is provided without legal responsibility and is subject to change without notice. Recipients are advised to obtain their own independent advice.

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